Reformed Christian Writer/Poet/Rapper/Evangelist/Aspiring Producer

Reformed Memoirs (V)

​ Salvation By Grace ...especially in light of the grace of God. The Roman Catholic Church taught work-based salvation comprising seven sacraments which the Reformers endeavored to counteract. It was not until the advent of the printing press, that the... Continue Reading →

Many “Called”, Few “Chosen”

(Matthew 22:14) As a Christian who upholds the belief of predestination, this common phrase resonates with what reformed theology defends. Superficial gesture will fool one into thinking too little of what such a statement makes, given they are just a... Continue Reading →

Flow Rider

​ I wrote this song to shut out the voices in my head that keeps telling me I can't rap.

One Human Race

The Genesis of mankind in the Garden of Eden is quite profound. Adam, the first man and progenitor of the entire human race was endowed with something special. Something that extended beyond the scope of all the other creatures(Genesis 1:26).... Continue Reading →

Reformed Memoirs (IV)

Necessity Of Evangelism ​ ...especially when it directs us to evangelize. Evangelism is instrumental because it happens to be the only conveyer of the gospel. It is quite impossible for anyone to believe in that which he has not heard... Continue Reading →

Romantic Spectacle

Mind swayed in utter fantasy Intellect perceive it as fallacy With zero warranty Can there be a guaranty? Her smile engraved within The thoughts begin Delight of the heart it seems An emotional cinema with no screens  The sparks of... Continue Reading →

Do God exist?

 ​ Common as the question is, scarcely is it met with an answer that fully satisfies. So do God exist? The simple emphatic answer would be "Yes", though not for the inquisitive minds. This would demand us to explore beyond... Continue Reading →

Amazing Grace

​ Amazing Grace how sweet that sound...

The Triune Mystery

The concept of Trinity is one of the most controversial teachings in the Christian faith. For the last two millennium, theologians and equally philosophers, have wrestled to unravel this mystery but their efforts have always proven futile. Any explanation falls... Continue Reading →

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