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My Best Playlist 2017

Ardent have I been ever since my discovery and passion for music about a decade and a half ago. Music just happens to be one of those unifying factors in a global society where division is commonplace. It is a... Continue Reading →


Where Are My Dreams?

"When I grow up, I would like to become...", I still recount the cliché As if a young angel, I spread my wings wide My eyes basked at the landscape of endless possibilities Success is the only thing that stood... Continue Reading →

The Church Commemorates 500 Years of Reformation

A time like this 500 years ago, the first seed of Reformation was sown when Martin Luther took a bold step of nailing his 95 thesis.5 centuries on and the Church, particularly Protestants, are still commemorating such a landmark event. ... Continue Reading →


​ My hope lies in Your everlasting faithfulness, and not in my failing strength! ​

Reformed Memoirs (VIII)

​ 3.Limited Atonement "...This He did despite knowing that all have sinned against Him (Romans 3:23). Though this is the most controversial of all the Doctrines of Grace stemming from the letter 'L' of the acronym'TULIP', yet it accurately reflects... Continue Reading →

Jus’ Another Youngin’

Nuthin nu under the sun, the old adage says In my mind the thought plays again and again even as I wrestle with this phrase See the craze in my head ain't content with less consent partly coz of the... Continue Reading →

Which Gospel Is True ? 

The sufficiency of the Scriptures is for the most part under sharp attack. If indeed it is inspired, God-breathed, and infallible (2 Timothy 3: 16), then it should be embraced as it claims.  In post-mordern culture, experience, signs, miracles and... Continue Reading →

Divine Refinery 

Furnace of affliction  As we pass through the fire  Silver's no depiction  Of the patience we acquire  Trials and tribulations  Our faith keeps getting higher  Intense purification  More precious than gold entire  Inspired by:  Isaiah 48: 10   &   1 Peter 1:... Continue Reading →

Reformed Memoirs (VII)

​ 2. Unconditional Election "...which was the only way to salvage the pathetic condition of man. According to the second letter "U" in the acronym T.U.L.I.P, which stands for Unconditional Election, God predestined some humans to eternal salvation. Such election... Continue Reading →

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