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​ Worship is more of a lifestyle than just an act or a perfomance. Sincere worship stems from the grateful hearts of individuals who have fully grasped the immense cost of grace. As believers,the more encounter we have with worship,... Continue Reading →

Reformed Memoirs (II)

Sovereignty of God ​ ...who took notice of the false doctrines which had permeated the Church at that time. The selling of indulgences and the likes. Sovereignty of God is one of those doctrines that the reformers adamantly advocated for.... Continue Reading →

King of Kings

Thou majesty exuperant Awestricken world stare amazed The sceptre's utter jubilant All the foes abaist and dazed  Commotions shift skies in cracks Melody wraps the pavilion Too late to cover ones tracks The devil and minions ​


​ This may be a start to something grand!

The thin line that separates the elect from the reprobates.

 By nature, all the human race dwell under the bondage of sin owing to the fall of their progenitor Adam (Romans 5:12). Since the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23), we can therefore deduce that the entire human race... Continue Reading →


​ The potential in my imaginations lies in allowing ideas unfold naturally as I cherish the priceless moments.

Reformed Memoirs

Introduction: ​ In order to comprehend what this article is all about, we must first define the word "reformed". So what does the word reformed mean and how is it related to this topic? You probably came across the phrase... Continue Reading →

New Year Fever

Exactly how do you articulate the fact that curtains have been brought down on yet another year, only to give way to another? What I mean, is how you get to take in the idea that "New Year" has just... Continue Reading →

Valley of Depression

For a while now, I have been trying to join all the dots Buried in wild thoughts as I grapple with feelings of all sorts In this valley am caught up in emotions travel in bid to unravel this phenomenon... Continue Reading →

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