Nuthin nu under the sun, the old adage says

In my mind the thought plays again and again even as I wrestle with this phrase

See the craze in my head ain’t content with less consent partly coz of the odds

Taken a quick nap even as the world grapples with enlightenment, only to sober up two centuries later, what an excitement!

Technology wasn’t a part of the past, and just to ask, What’s so common about it?

Call me Mr.liberal coz I’m tryna give vision to these slumbering conservatives

A time for revolution, to embrace nu resolutions

See the point I’m tryna establish here ain’t how humans have grown wiser over the past few decades, rather the proliferation of fresh ambitions

A generation preconditioned to alter the common condition despite the vile opposition 

Endowed with potential which is essential to see them earn the requisite credentials

However, this ain’t the narrative, when we narrow down the imperatives

Collectively a prerogative, yet when one speaks, he is labeled too talkative

But that’s not all, as if to sound a clarion call

Proclaim it on this platform unlike a custom only to be booed, “just another youngin!”

Makin my voice heard point blank while they busy sayin that am off track

Lofty are my dreams yet it seems as if naysayers are too keen to see them go  to waste in litter bins


A lot of stereotypes even as I pave these clearer paths

Though this seems like a war zone

I’m willing to keep up with what goes on

Remain strong no matter how long

Endeavor through thick and thin, without pulling some strings like young David with a sling

Slay Goliath, the giant, while defiant, to their wicked alliance

Boy I’m ready for my big break

I’m gonna make it no matter what it takes

With God on my side He’ll never forsake 

No matter how high I’m outweighing the stakes

I believe that what I got inside is somethin special, not superficial, watch me make it official

Prove to everyone that in fact a youngin can instruct his future and impact the world at large