A time like this 500 years ago, the first seed of Reformation was sown when Martin Luther took a bold step of nailing his 95 thesis.5 centuries on and the Church, particularly Protestants, are still commemorating such a landmark event. 

As we reap the fruits of Reformation today, we cannot overlook the fact that others who came before us risked their own lives to see the truth prevail. The likes of John Wicliffe who labored long enough to see the Word of God available to the populace. Even though it cost him his life, he still wavered not in his quest.

Personally, what I admire the most about the Reformers is their indomitable spirit and the conviction which drove them to seek for reforms. What they fought for had an eternal implication and most of them looked forward to that Day when they would be compensated despite being condemned to martyrdom.

Amid all these, one thing that is certain is the faithfulness of God. He says in His Word,”I will never leave you nor forsake you… I will be with you always even unto the end of the age.”

God has proven faithful through succesive generations by raising for Himself men who would lead His people to the unfailing truths of His Word.

It is key to note that when we celebrate such historical events, the glory due to God remains center stage.