Mourine Obare

One essence of living a fulfilled life is pursuing a purposeful life embellished with sheer passion. These words could best describe the journey of one Mourine Obare who happens to be a thespian, producer and an artist. Self driven she is especially in the industry that is for the most part perceived to be controlled by men. What strikes is how Mourine has managed to break the glass ceiling despite the underlying hurdles that comes with trying to make it up the ladder of success. 

Probably one of the  things that have kept her grounded is her passion for art, and she is also quick to admit that she’s got the skills that are prerequisite in her line of duty. This in turn places her at a vantage point of competence whereby she has managed to outshine most of her peers owing to the fact that she knows what she wants in life and cowers not in attempt to get it.

In regards to her acting carrier, Mourine stepped into the limelight couple of years back by featuring in one local drama known as Wash And Set. She has managed to stay relevant in the industry all this while, and currently she appears in yet another drama called Selina which airs on Maisha Magic East. Due to her longevity in the screens, Mourine deserves to be accorded much respect being that she is among the few handful of actresses who began professional acting at a tender age.

Did I mention that she is also a video producer?

Yes, and at the height of her carrier she has managed to work with big brands. Mourine Obare is the C.E.O of More Media which currently operates both locally and internationally. Some of the projects spearheaded by More Media include production of music videos such Witinesi by Bruz Newton, Niko Kwa Mtaa by Maluda and many more.

There is no telling at which point the sky becomes the limit, and I am sure Mourine can attest to this. I believe that Mourine Obare is a true definition of success having broken myriad of barriers to make it this far and still scaling the endless heights of opportunities.