4. Irresistible Grace

“… which ensnares him. He can only be liberated through the power of the Holy Spirit as illustrated with the doctrine of Irresistible Grace signified by the letter ‘I’ in the acronym TULIP. 

Irresistible Grace implies that the sinner experiences a divine intervention whereby he later yields to the message of the gospel owing to the supernatural power of the Holy Ghost. He is so incapacitated to the extent that in his natural state, he will never choose God. This is well typified in the second chapter of Ephesians where we find that God raised us up while still dead in our trespasses.Death signifies the inability to respond, hence signalling the need for intervention. 

Regeneration goes hand in hand with faith in the sense that without the former, the latter cease to exist as well illustrated in the chapter. The basis for boasting about ones salvation comes only when regeneration is overlooked. There is nothing so special about the one who actively receives  the message of the gospel as compared to the other who is passive in his response. It only goes to show that the one who is transformed by the message has experienced regeneration through the working of the Holy Spirit within. This is even more evident in the sixth chapter of John where Jesus is informing His disciples that every single individual who God has placed at His disposal will eventually come to Him (John 6:37), owing to the fact that the Father is the One who draws them (John 6:44).

The common assumption when it comes to Irresistible Grace is that the Lord does everything possible to draw the elect unto Himself even if it means coercion against their will. However, this is not true given that the grace works irresistibly in the lives of the elect to the point that they comprehend their bankruptcy without it. One good example is in Acts chapter 9 where we meet Saul,the persecutor of the Church. After having such a powerful encounter with the Lord Jesus on his way to Damascus, he is radically transformed to a new person (Paul). From a staunch persecutor, to a staunch evangelist.This is a great testament that the grace of God is able to operate beyond all barriers to bring about the intended outcome,  more like the words which the Lord speaks from His mouth not returning in void but accomplishing what they are intended for (Isaiah 55:11).

Irresistible Grace warms the heart of the elect to the point that he eventually respond towards it…”