Ardent have I been ever since my discovery and passion for music about a decade and a half ago. Music just happens to be one of those unifying factors in a global society where division is commonplace. It is a global language understood by almost everyone, yet diverse ranging from one spectrum of genre to another. Well, as they say, variety is the spice of life. 

Maybe Gospel music is being considered as one of such genres.But that is not my agenda today. As a believer, I have come to cherish music with Christian content because I believe that this is what the Bible exhorts us to do (Philippians 4: 8). 

Having said all that, I acknowledge that 2017 was yet another year that saw artists up their game. I came across sounds that wowed me either because they were uplifting, or they left me praising God the more. “Old Church Choir” by Zack Williams was one of such. “Love Won’t Let Me Down” by Hillsong Young And Free, and “Way Up” by Tedashii also left an indelible effect on me. Artists who impressed me range from Matthew West, Travis Greene, For King And Country, Hollyn, Tauren Wells, Jamie Grace and many more. 

It must have been hard to settle on ten best songs given that I desired even more songs to feature on my top ten list. Though this list may not reflect what is on the music billboards, for me the songs made my year.