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Divine Refinery 

Furnace of affliction  As we pass through the fire  Silver's no depiction  Of the patience we acquire  Trials and tribulations  Our faith keeps getting higher  Intense purification  More precious than gold entire  Inspired by:  Isaiah 48: 10   &   1 Peter 1:... Continue Reading →


Reformed Memoirs (VII)

​ 2. Unconditional Election "...which was the only way to salvage the pathetic condition of man. According to the second letter "U" in the acronym T.U.L.I.P, which stands for Unconditional Election, God predestined some humans to eternal salvation. Such election... Continue Reading →


If they askin' 'bout this youngin, jus' tell 'em he is Unashamed! [Romans 1:16] ​

The Logic Of Creationism Over Evolutionism

The ever-dividing topic. With both camps remaining grounded in their beliefs, this subject has continued to polarize. Multiple evidence that bolster both sides can be presented and over the years the endevour has  had its leaps and bounds. One question... Continue Reading →

My Dearest Hip Hop

Dear Hip Hop, Heartfelt it is as I jot these words of mine to you. Hardly can I grasp when we first met, and looking back now, it has been quite a voyage. I can't simply enumerate all the hurdles... Continue Reading →

Reformed Memoirs (VI)

Doctrines Of Grace "...out of his own merits. How this happens is explained by the Doctrines of Grace.The Doctrines of Grace constitute five points which can be summarized in the following acronym:  T.U.L.I.P = Total Depravity        ... Continue Reading →

Walking In Spirit

The Bible exhort believers to walk in the Spirit in order not to fulfill the desires of the flesh (Galatians 5:25).The only way of overcoming evil is by doing good (Romans 12:21). The principle is set out straight from the... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Islam

​ Barely a week after been sworn in as the next President of United States, Donald Trump embarked on implementing the promises he had made during the campaign period. To be specific, he ordered for a travel ban against seven... Continue Reading →

Reformed Memoirs (V)

​ Salvation By Grace ...especially in light of the grace of God. The Roman Catholic Church taught work-based salvation comprising seven sacraments which the Reformers endeavored to counteract. It was not until the advent of the printing press, that the... Continue Reading →

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