For a while now, I have been trying to join all the dots

Buried in wild thoughts as I grapple with feelings of all sorts

In this valley am caught up in emotions travel in bid to unravel this phenomenon called life

Sweet memories rise as smoke amid false hope while I still cope with reality

The sanity in Your promises

The providence that kept me confident

It feels as if my world is falling apart right before my very eyes

Thought myself wise until I realized that I was all along hypnotized

I never knew that pain and disillusionment was part of this journey

Funny how I found out

The cause of doubt which I nurse now


Train my life in light of faith

But living in sight is such a weight

Sometimes I wonder if You are still there

Or even care about my affairs

Yet amid this valley I still choose to lift up my head

My focus beyond the mountains instead

Cause from there cometh my help